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One of the great priviliges we get as developers of Hotmail Password Hacker, is the knowledge that our Hotmail hacking software is a force for good in this world. We cannot count the times we have received emails from people thanking us for our work. Bellow you can read a small random selection of testimonials our users are sending us on a regular basis and perhaps even decide to send us your own for publication on this page! If after hacking Hotmail accounts using Hotmail Password Hacker you’re satisfied by the results, we urge you to send us your testimonial as it will greatly assist us in spreading the word! To find out how to submit your own, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.



Testimonials of Hotmail hacking toolI am writing this to share my experience with Hotmail password hacker with the world. A couple of months ago, my wife started to be increasingly more absent minded and started having quite unusual behavior, spending increasingly more time on her computer. I decided it wouldn’t hurt to conduct some investigative work. I tried various tools and techniques I found online to hack Hotmail passwords to no avail, a friend with whom I shared my suspicions then referred me to your website and your Hotmail hacking tool, which I downloaded and used to hack my wife’s Hotmail password. It turned out my wife was spending allot of time on dating websites, chatting with other men… I will be recommending your tool to anyone in a similar position, information is empowerment!

– Garth P. Shelton, Philadelphia, DE


Testimonials of Hotmail hacking applicationHi, I am Eleanor, mother of two beautiful boys! I am sending you this testimonial first to share my experiences; how your Hotmail hack has helped make my life a bit easier and secondly to express my gratitude for all the hard work you’ve put into making this available to everyone! My sons spent and continue to spend allot of their free time in front of their computer screens, playing games, talking with friends on Facebook, etc . After the recent spade of news reports about pedophiles lurking on the Internet, I got quite worried and wanted a way to keep tabs on what they were doing online and be more proactive regarding any dangers that may lurk on the Internet! I decided to try and search for information on how to hack into their Hotmail accounts. A couple of weeks and many false starts later, I stumbled upon Hotmail Password Hacker, almost halfheartedly and quite disappointed from previous bad experiences with my attempts at finding a real and working Hotmail hack, I downloaded the software and installed it on my laptop. To my surprise, I managed to get both Hotmail passwords of my sons within minutes of installing the tool on my computer! Thanks to you, I can now rest a little bit easier at night secure with the knowledge that if anything strange is going on, I will be the first to know!

– Eleanor C. Martinez, Tampa, FL


Testimonials of Hotmail cracking programAwhile back, I overheard a conversation my girlfriend was having on the phone with what I believe was her best friend. Although I could make out exactly what they were saying, I heard the names of a couple of popular dating websites, this immediately raised alarm bells in my head and I sprang to action. My girlfriend used Hotmail’s email service for all her online accounts at various websites. I didn’t want to outright ask her for her passwords since I wanted to keep up the pretense of trust between us. I decided to try out your Hotmail hacking tool. To my astonishment, Hotmail Password Hacker, which is extremely easy to use, even by a complete computer novice like me, enabled me to recover her Hotmail password within a few minutes! After accessing her Hotmail account, I located nothing indicative of any activity on dating websites, which put my fears to rest. I can’t imagine what I would do without your hacking tool, most likely I would still be having doubts rather than writing these lines! I cannot adequatly express my gratitude to the team behind this incredibly amazing project which has already helped from what I gathered thousands of people in similar situations!

– Randy J. Hanson, Oakland, CA


Testimonials of Hotmail hacking softwareI’ve been a Hotmail account holder for what must be like a decade. Although not very tech savvy, I’ve always took precautions regarding my online passwords and used all the latest computer antivirus programs available to protect myself when transacting online. I never believed – until it happened to me – that I would fall victim to any hacker or scammer on the Internet even though deep down I knew that average folk just like me where the ones who usually got hacked! It then one day happened to me as well! I tried to login to my Hotmail account and I was told to double check if my username or password were correct, after trying to login like 100 times, I realized something more sinister had happened! I tried to use Hotmail’s own lost password recovery assistant, I inputted my security questions and answers when prompted to but apparently the person who hacked into my account changed these. I tried contacting Hotmails customer support but they couldn’t help me as they had no way of verifying I was the actual account owner. I freaked out as I had amassed and kept thousands of emails, documents and photographs which I had never bothered to backup lulled by a false sense of security which led to complacency that this would never happen to me… After some random halfhearted Google searches, I located your website and your Hotmail hacking tool. I decided to give it a try and to my relieved surprise, it restored my access to my email account and along with that to my emails, documents and family pictures. I will be spreading the word among family and friends for many years to come!

– Connie C. Parker, Ventura, CA


Tastimonilas of Hotmail cracking applicationMy husband’s job often entails week long out of state trips. Although our marriage from it’s started has trust as a building block and he has never given me reason to doubt, I decided that some inside knowledge couldn’t hurt! I searched for ways to hack Hotmail passwords and found your website. I gave your Hotmail hacking tool a try and had his password in my hands within about a minute! Incredible tool and much appreciated by it’s users, definitely recommended!


– Kathleen F. Edwards, North Hollywood, CA


Testimonials of Hotmail hacking programI am the co-founder of a small dropshipping business that I started a few years ago along with my best friend and business partner. For those who don’t know, dropshiping involves the sale of a product for sale that you don’t have in your hands. An example would go as follows: I am searching online for suppliers of iPhone case suppliers from China. I find an interesting and cheap case that I believe will sell. I then proceed to list the item on eBay, once a user buys it, since I don’t have the item in my hands, I cannot ship it directly. I contact my Chinese supplier and pay him part of the payment the eBay shopper sent to me and then the supplier proceeds to ship the item directly to my buyer. The entire dropshiping business revolves around the convenience of no inventory remaining unsold and on high profit margins due to low chinese product prices. In any case, I’ll go back to how your tool helped as this is a testimonial and not a rant! You see, my business partner decided without telling me, to sell our list of Chinese suppliers in order to profit from other aspiring dropshipers who didn’t want to go through the tedious process of finding good, cheap and reliable suppliers from China like we did. I got suspicious when my business partner started being secretive and spending allot of time (it turned out he was hard working at marketing the list!) on his computer on unrelated activities. I found your Hotmail hacking tool and hacked into his Hotmail account and found hundreds of purchase confirmation receipts from people all over the world who bought the list… We are not even friends now, let alone business partners! Hotmail Password Hacker is a very powerful tool in the right hands, use wisely!

– Samuel Peacock, Aberthin, UK


Testimonials of Hotmail hacking toolsMy daughter has a long track record of choosing the wrong sort of boyfriend. As a father I am obviously concerned about the people she chooses to mix and mingle with in her life, especially about who her boyfriends might be. Lately, she got involved with a member of a local punk-rock band. From the outset I was a bit suspicious about the guy but decided to show some trust regarding her choices and not be over-protective. One day however, about a week ago, on a visit to our home, I happened to see a small poster his band had made about an upcoming event. The poster had a Hotmail email address as a contact email for inquiries. Unlike most of your visitors, I am not a first time user of Hotmail Password Hacker! I decided to use your amazing Hotmail hacking software and managed to crack into the group’s account. What I found shocked me, as it appeared that members of the band where placing on a regular basis orders for drug paraphernalia from a Canadian website. I revealed this information to my daughter, now it’s up to her!

– Matthew Andrews, BILLINGSHURST, UK


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