Hotmail Password Hacker – Project & Team

Ever since the idea of an easy to use, accessible by anyone, Hotmail hacking tool was conceived, we have worked day and night for over 2 years to turn our vision into reality. It has been a tough journey with allot of difficulties that had to be overcome. Our team has combined it decades long worth of experience in the fields of cryptography and deciphering to produce what is now widely touted as the “best Hotmail hacking tool” by it’s users.

The easy interface, the speed and the fact that there is no learning curve, has resulted in a massive rise in Hotmail Password Hacker’s popularity, giving meaning to our hard work as it has enabled and empowered thousands of people from the 4 corners of the earth to successfully hack Hotmail passwords at the click of a button, while at the same time avoiding the pitfalls and Hotmail hacking scams that thrived until recently before the release of a fully functional, real Hotmail hack.

To find out more about the people behind this project, what motivates and makes us tick, read on!

The Team

Bruce C. Stoddard
Founder and Developer

Founder and Developer of Hotmail Password HackerFrom very early on in my life I developed a keen interest in the field of cryptography, mainly through my involvement – for those who still remember – BBS boards on the subject. My interest was further kindled by encouragement from my father, who also bought me one of the early personal computer. I managed to turn this interest into a full fledged career at various IT departments of companies all over Europe. Enough about me however! Hotmail Password Hacker was first conceived as an idea after I lost access to my own Hotmail account, I tried Hotmail’s own forgotten password recovery assistant to no avail. I then decided to look into more unorthodox Hotmail hacking techniques and realized that all the tools and techniques available at the time, even for a computer expert like me, were very clumsy, time consuming and with very uncertain results. It then struck me that I was most likely not the only person in the world (duh!) who was facing this problem and realized there was huge gap in the market between supply and demand for an easy, reliable and fast Hotmail hacking tool. To that end, me and my close friend Richard, we combined our efforts to develop Hotmail Password Hacker. The rest is history!


Richard T. Millet

Co-Developer of Hotmail Password HackerMy involvement with this project came as a result of my close friendship with Bruce, which flourished during a stint we shared at an IT company. My involvement with the creation of Hotmail Password Hacker came after Bruce shared with me his idea. Initially I was reluctant about the number of people who would be interested in a Hotmail hacking tool until, unfortunately, a day arrived when I needed one too! After close to five years of marriage with my wife, we started having some issues and the idea got into me that she might have a lover. As luck with have it, my wife uses a Hotmail email address for all her online communications. I decided to test the early Hotmail hacking technology Bruce had developed on my wife’s Hotmail account with amazing results. It took me minutes to get my hands on her passwords and empowered me to find out the truth. Even though nothing came of it as my wife hadn’t been cheating on me, I came to the stunning realization about how useful an easy, fast and reliable Hotmail hacking tool would be to thousands of people from all over the world. I then and there decided to make the time investment required to help Bruce turn his vision into reality!